Ho Ho Cocoa Christmas Small DIY Bling Spangle Heat Press Transfer

DIY Bling Spangle Heat Press Transfer

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Ho Ho Cocoa Christmas Small DIY Bling Spangle Heat Press Transfer

Transfer comes in two sizes - "Large" measures approx. 9.4." wide x 9.4" tall and "Small" measures approx. 6.5" wide x 6.7" tall.

Our spangle bling designs are soft, smooth, touchable and easy to care for. This transfer must be applied with a heat press. A home iron will NOT work. Instructions are available for download from our website.

This transfer must be applied to your garment with a heat press.

Only the transfer is mailed to you; no shirt is included with this purchase.

We include at least 1 extra spangle of each color in the design just in case.

Flat rate shipping on transfers - $5 First Class   or    $8.50 US Priority Mail.

FREE Shipping on transfer orders of $149 or more.

Our spangle transfers are made with top quality spangles.  Spangles are holographic or metallic (see colors listed in description) and have a soft hand.  They provide amazing light refraction both indoor and out.  When properly applied, will last through hundreds of washes. We include at least 1 extra spangle of each color in the design, just in case.  We do highly recommend a heat press for spangle application because they require consistent pressure, as much as heat, but they can be applied with a home iron.   

No shirt is included with this purchase. This sale is only for the transfer that you apply to your own garment.

GADTees only guarantees the quality of the transfer.  Once the transfer has been applied to the garment, we are not responsible.  Please follow the application instructions.

GADTees Spangle Transfer Instructions

GADTees Spangle transfers work best on cotton or 50/50 blends.  Spangles are not recommended for attachment to plastic, metals, glass, or denim.

*** You MUST use a heat press to adhere Spangle Transfers.***

How to Adhere Spangles:

You will need - GADTees Spangle Transfer 

Heat Press – is highly recommended for spangle transfers


Teflon or Parchment sheet or other non-stick sheet


Heat Press Settings

286F-305F degrees for 12-15 seconds.  Medium to Heavy pressure. 

-Please check transfer for any missing and/or misplaced spangles. During handling and shipping of transfers, it is possible spangles may shift or come off completely. Sharp tweezers will assist in realigning any misplaced spangles. Make sure the color side is facing the transfer tape and the glue side is visible from the back of the design.

-Pre-press for 5 seconds to remove moisture from the garment. Lint roll your garment thoroughly for any stray threads or fuzz. Spangles must adhere directly to your garment and stray lint will interfere with a good press.

- Remove the white backing from the GADTees spangle transfer.  The spangles are held in place with the clear transfer tape (thus the moniker "transfer").

- Position the GADTees transfer on the garment where you wish to adhere it.  If you are not happy with the position, you can carefully pull up the transfer and place it down again where you would like it.  Do not "slide" the transfer or "drag" it across the garment.  The spangles may dislodge and you will have to reassemble your design by hand.  You can use a ruler to help determine if you are centered on the garment.  Best way is to measure starting distance from the left side of the neckline and right side of the neckline. Another method is to match the side seams and press briefly to create a "line" down the center of the shirt.

-In general, when setting on a t-shirt, spangle designs should start approximately 3 inches from the base of the neckline on a crew neck, 2 inches from the base of the neckline on a scoop neck, and 1 inch from the base of the neckline on a v-neck.

-Once pressing is complete, remove the garment from the press and rub the transfer with a towel to "lift" some of the heat for 2-3 seconds.  The transfer peels best while still somewhat warm, NOT COLD. Before it cools too much, Peel off the clear transfer tape.  Pull from one side to the other gently.  All spangles should remain on the garment. If one comes up, press the transfer tape back on the garment and rub with your finger, then try again.  The garment will stretch some as you remove the tape; it's okay.  It will settle back.  

-Return garment to press, cover with teflon sheet and heat an additional 5 seconds.

Care Instructions: Recommend delicate wash cycle, inside out, hang to dry, avoid fabric softener.

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